About Lisa "I am God light. My name is Ivo. I have come here to teach you how to do this, and to do it with you for as long as you choose to do it in this manner." -- Ivo's first words to Lisa, in 1992
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My spiritual journey began in the late 1970s after the death of my mother. Searching for answers, I found information about death, afterlife and reincarnation very comfortable. In the following years, I focused on my own spiritual growth. At that time I recognized my true nature as a spiritual being, sensing and acknowledging the presence of my spiritual helpers.

In 1989 I was involved in an airplane accident and was physically injured. Although my injuries were not life threatening, the incident surely was. After a period of healing and feeling lost, I found my way as my spirituality and clairvoyance surfaced.

My spiritual work began in 1992 when I opened myself to all possibilities. Accepting my belief in the oneness of all creation, I discovered my ability to tap into that oneness. After much fine tuning, I now work with my spirit guide, Ivo, to help others recognize and strengthen their spiritual connection. I feel truly blessed.

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