Client Compliments "I am God light. My name is Ivo. I have come here to teach you how to do this, and to do it with you for as long as you choose to do it in this manner." -- Ivo's first words to Lisa, in 1992
Ask Ivo with Lisa Dorr
"The reading has helped me so much. I have shifted my attitude and life is flowing much easier. I am grateful you and Ivo are there for me."
-- K.R. Boulder, CO

"My heart feels lighter and I feel like all good things are ahead. I will stay in the present."
-- E.O. Atlanta, GA

"You provide a clarity that brings me peace."
-- L.B. Arroyo Grande, CA

"He was right on about so many things. It was well worth it."
-- J.A. Southgate, MI

"I cannot describe how good it feels to hear something that rings true like our conversation. Since talking with you it seems my outlook on life is more clear. I feel different. Right. Higher."
-- A.M. Greeley, CO

"Thank you for Ivo's blessing. I love getting my attitude adjustmens!"
-- R.P. Jacksonville, FL

"Talking with you calms and soothes me when I'm troubled. You help me see the bigger picture and share information about situations that assist me in my balance. It is profound to think about the healing I can experience now from my challenging childhood."
J.M. Ft. Collins, CO

"I feel an unconditional love from both of you that make living on this planet a whole lot easier. Your gentleness and humor help me to hear what I need. After my readings I feel a great sense of release and peacefulness. Thank you both!"
D.S. Milwaukie, OR

"It was my first experience and a most pleasant one. It reinforced what I already know, believe and feel."
-- S.P. St. Augustine, FL

"Your spiritual guidance has been a positive and healing force in my life."
-- T.M. Ft. Collins, CO

"Thank you for helping me through this time of transition. I have gained so much on many different levels through our interaction."
-- C.L. Hilo, HI

"Even though the information Ivo gave me made me cranky, he was right on!"
-- C.M. Littleton, CO

"My sessions have been encouraging, clear and loving with the best intent to support my journey through life. After a session I leave with feelings of strength, trust and happiness."
-- B.K. St. Augustine, FL

"You and Ivo never tell me what to do, but rather lead and guide me to the lessons I need to learn. You both are trustworthy and comforting, always leaving me knowing that I am loved."
-- C.T. Issaquah, WA

"The words of encouragement in my reading were just what I needed."
M.M. Ft. Collins, CO

"My gratitude to you and Ivo runs deep. Your ability to access and share messages from other dimensions has impacted my own intuitive abilities.Thank you for your courage and faith in seeing clearly what is real."
C.N. Santa Fe, NM

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