Energy Work "I am God light. My name is Ivo. I have come here to teach you how to do this, and to do it with you for as long as you choose to do it in this manner." -- Ivo's first words to Lisa, in 1992
Ask Ivo with Lisa Dorr
There is energy within and around your body. During this session, we work with these energies, to assist you in balancing.

I see myself as a channel for energy, opening myself and allowing the work to be done through my hands. The focus of the work can be an injury or place of physical discomfort. The energy can also be directed to emotions you hold within your body. The Energy Work can help to align and/or balance your energetic being, as well as tend to your spirit. I trust that your highest good is always supported in this process.

The Energy Work is done through your clothing, while you lay comfortably on a cushioned table. During the session, I receive information about you and about the work being done. At times, your body will tell me things it wants you to know. When the Energy Work is complete, all of the information is shared and recorded. A link can be sent to your email address for you to access and save your recording.

Although each individual's experience of the Energy Work is different, a feeling of relaxation and well being is common.

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